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Farewell thou art too deare for my possessing,
And like enough thou knowst thy estimate,
The Charter of thy worth gives thee releasing:
My bonds in thee are all determinate.

from Sonnett LXXXVII
Shakespeare's Sonnets, 1609

or as recently published...

Goodbye! You cost too much to keep, you know!
I’m sure that you have been calculating
what you’d be worth if I now let you go:
my claims on you are no longer binding.

from Sonnet 87,
Modern Language Edition

If the recently published version stands out as being easier to understand, then you will enjoy these modern language editions.

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Unrequited Love: Sir Philip Sidney's Astrophil and Stella
Unrequited Love: Sir Philip Sidney’s Astrophil and Stella

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Defiant Love: Lady Mary Wroth's Pamphilia, to Amphilanthus
Defiant Love: Lady Mary Wroth’s Pamphilia, to Amphilanthus

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The Bridegroom Cometh: Edmund Spenser's Amoretti and Epithalamion
The Bridegroom Cometh: Edmund Spenser’s Amoretti and Epithalamion

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A Monument to Love: William Shakespeare's Sonnets and A Lover's Complaint
A Monument to Love: William Shakespeare’s Sonnets and a Lover’s Complaint

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Dirk Jol, Author/Editor

Modern renderings by Dirk Jol

Educator and Editor

Dirk Jol is a retired teacher who has spent his life immersed in the beauty of the poetry and prose of the Renaissance. His fascination with the art of the time period has enabled him to put fresh meaning into the words, allowing him to create renderings which maintain their flow and elegance, but with a slightly more modern language feel.

Dirk’s love of literature and his work in education were combined. He developed a unique way of interpreting early modern writings for students and other academics.

To read more about Dirk Jol, go to the About page.

You will find Dirk’s renderings quite different from most editions. The flow and the imagery have been lovingly maintained for the reader.